maria studying.jpg

Who is Maria?

Dr. Maria Velazquez writes about black girl joy and black girl magic. She is an avid reader, writer, and fangirl for all things sci-fi and fantasy. 

What is Maria's Favorite Game?

She loves Dominion, Two Dots, and Castle Cats. 


Who is Tamyka?

Dr. Tamyka Morant has served as a professional educator for over 15 years and maintains several community service commitments to organizations prioritizing the well-being of Black girls. Her research and professional practice focuses on Black Feminist Pedagogy, anti-racist education, community-centered schooling, and equity based educational experiences for historically marginalized students of color.

What is Tamyka's Favorite Game?

Fantasy Football. You can't beat her! 

Also: DESTINY and DESTINY 2. Her callsign is PrettyPious.